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Specific Cell Tower Sites are Chosen
When wireless carriers determine that a new cell tower or antenna site is needed in a given area, the Radio Frequency (RF) engineering department (RF) issues what is commonly known as a "Search Ring." A Search Ring is a circle or other shape drawn on a map that indicates where a site could be located to meet the RF engineering requirements. The size of this search ring varies depending upon the topography (hilliness or flatness of the area), the demographics (where and what type of customer base) and other factors including whether the area is urban, suburban or rural in nature.
The Search Ring is handed to a Site Acquisition Agent (Site Ac) who either works for the wireless carrier or for a company that the wireless carrier has contracted with to find cell tower sites.

Site Audit and Identification

Our professional and experienced staff for site acquisition carries out activities:

 Identification of sites.

 Locate an acceptable site location while working with your RF engineer.

 Negotiate the lease terms with the property owner.

 Obtain the local governmental approvals as required by the location; CUP, variance, etc.

 File and process for govt. approval.

 Obtain state aeronautics approval as required.

 Obtain SHPO approval.

 Obtain a geotechnical report for the foundation design.

 Obtain a record of survey and legal description for the leased property.

 Obtain the foundation design for the tower.

 Obtain A/E drawings for submittal to the local permitting agency.

 Obtain building permit.

 Prepare report-containing list of acquisition options.

 Issuing & submitting final approved drawings.
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