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Telecom Network Infrastructure Roll out in India involves three major entities i.e., Telecom Operator, Telecom Equipment Manufacturer and Telecom Infrastructure service providers.

The process starts with Telecom operator floating tender for the network roll out in a particular circle or region inviting quotes from Telecom equipment Manufacturer. This is followed by the submission of the technical bids by the vendors.
The quotes from vendors not only include the cost of the equipments but also the installation, commissioning and maintenance of the equipments. The vendors come up with their quote only after receiving pre bids from Telecom Infrastructure service providers and other suppliers. Once the technical bids are qualified by the Telecom Operators, Equipment vendors further send Request for Quotes (RFQ) to Telecom infrastructure service providers like us for the installation, commissioning and maintenance of their equipments. 
The RFQ’s are also sent to the suppliers of the supplementary infrastructure equipments such as Towers, Antennas, and DG sets, Cables etc. The final quotes are submitted by the equipment manufacturers to the Telecom Operators. Once the contract has been awarded to equipment manufacturer, they further award the work to the Telecom Infrastructure service providers like us and other suppliers depending upon their bids.
The benefits of RF Optimization service for the network operator are increased revenues and reduced costs.

Network quality is maintained resulting in higher speech quality index.

 Stronger competitiveness resulting in higher customer acquisitions.

 Satisfied customers resulting in low churn.

 Efficient network utilization resulting in reduced investment costs.
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